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[NEW PODCAST] QB Tiers with Cian Fahey

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Why Dak Prescott was underrated last season, Russell Wilson's numbers don't match his performance, Jacoby Brissett was a top-15 passer, and more incredible insights.

Ranking the NFL quarterbacks based on their 2017 performances, we're joined by Cian Fahey of PresnapReads.com to discuss his unique way of evaluating QB play.


You can find Cian's 2017 Tiers here: http://presnapreads.com/2018/03/25/quarterback-tiers-and-rankings-based-exclusively-on-the-2017-season/

You can also purchase Cian's in-depth Quarterback Catalogue here: http://presnapreads.com/2017/11/09/pre-order-the-2018-quarterback-catalogue/


We sat down with Cian and found answers to the following questions:

  • Matt Ryan is in your top tier -- why did he perform better last season than in his 2016 MVP campaign?
  • 25 different quarterbacks threw more interceptable passes than Marcus Mariota, but only one QB threw more interceptions -- how!?
  • How is Dak Prescott in your top-8 and how do you separate talent from situation?
  • When evaluating their play, why did Jacoby Brissett play like we believe Russell Wilson plays and vice versa?
  • Deshaun Watson was the most aggressive quarterback in the league throwing downfield last season -- will that continue in 2018?
  • and much more!

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