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Badge Legend: DFS Key Performance Indicators.

If you followed our Twitter account during the MLB season, you've likely seen our badges. These emojis -- based on key performance indicators from our Occupy Model -- provide context and give you a quick visual on why a player is a good play. In our Daily Plug, every player and stack recommendation will be given badges so you know why they're being recommended.

  Superstar All Sports An expensive stud worth the price tag
 💰 Value All Sports  A low-priced player expected to exceed value
 🍰 Matchup All Sports  Low-ranked opponent in the Occupy Model
 📈 Trending Up All Sports  Underlying metrics reveal excellent recent performance
 🎲 Vegas All Sports  Betting odds indicate expected success
 💤 Low-Owned All Sports  Unpopular play with upside
 👐 PPR NFL Only  Boost for projected receiving targets
 ✋ Touchdown NFL Only  Highly-projected touchdown opportunity
 ☀️ Weather MLB Only  Favorable weather conditions
 🏟️ Ballpark MLB Only  Ballpark features have historically boosted performance
 💪 Power MLB Only  Highly-rated isolated power
 👊 Strikeout MLB Only  High strikeout potential
 💨 Speed MLB Only  Top-tier stolen base projection