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Badge Legend: DFS Key Performance Indicators.

If you followed our Twitter account during the MLB season, you've likely seen our badges. These emojis -- based on key performance indicators from our Occupy Model -- provide context and give you a quick visual on why a player is a good play. In our Daily Plug, every player and stack recommendation will be given badges so you know why they're being recommended.

 SuperstarAll SportsAn expensive stud worth the price tag
 💰ValueAll Sports A low-priced player expected to exceed value
 🍰MatchupAll Sports Low-ranked opponent in the Occupy Model
 📈Trending UpAll Sports Underlying metrics reveal excellent recent performance
 🎲VegasAll Sports Betting odds indicate expected success
 💤Low-OwnedAll Sports Unpopular play with upside
 👐PPRNFL Only Boost for projected receiving targets
 ✋TouchdownNFL Only Highly-projected touchdown opportunity
 ☀️WeatherMLB Only Favorable weather conditions
 🏟️BallparkMLB Only Ballpark features have historically boosted performance
 💪PowerMLB Only Highly-rated isolated power
 👊StrikeoutMLB Only High strikeout potential
 💨SpeedMLB Only Top-tier stolen base projection