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College Football DFS Picks: The CFB DFS Daily Plug
12/3, Week 14, Saturday

The CFB DFS Daily Plug is our weekly CFB write-up that highlights the top college football DFS picks for DraftKings. The Plug then provides actionable information for each slate by making specific recommendations on how much of your bankroll to allocate and exactly what types of contests to play -- all depending on the type of player you are. Be sure to read all the way through to the end!

Consider the Plug an in-depth road map for the college football DFS Saturday main slate. Let’s get to it! For more information on contest selection and bankroll allocation, check out our MUST-READ Ultimate Guide e-book.

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Note: The CFB Daily Plug will be available for select Saturday DraftKings slates, depending on the slate sizes and contest offerings. Either Lucas or the official Occupy Fantasy Twitter account will notify if there will not be a Plug. Again, the Plug is geared towards DRAFTKINGS contests. 

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Betting Odds

Current Line

Baylor @ Oklahoma State -6.5 (46.5)
Kent State -3 @ Northern Illinois (74.5)
Utah State @ San Diego State -6.5 (50)
Appalachian State -2.5 @ Louisiana-Lafayette (53)
Georgia -6 @ Alabama (48.5)
Houston @ Cincinnati -11 (53)
Pittsburgh -4 @ Wake Forest (71.5)
Michigan -12.5 @ Iowa (44)

* DraftKings offers late swap for CFB, check back before kick-off for any late news

Team Totals (Highest)

Kent State 38.75 (+1.25)
Pittsburgh 37.75 (-0.50)
Northern Illinois 35.75 (+0.75)

Team Totals (Moves +/-1.25)

Kent State 38.75 (+1.25)
Georgia 27.25 (-1.50)

College Football DFS Picks & Advice:

Read below for the slate notes, lineup advice, bankroll allocation, and contest recommendations:

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