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COVID-19COVID-19 DFS Picks & Lineup Advice

This is the COVID-19 DFS Daily Plug! Keep an eye on this page, updates will be made ALL THE FUCKING TIME as things change.


We’re betting there’s good odds at least one person reading this isn’t taking COVID-19 fucking seriously. You probably should.

Just to drive the point home, we’ll be tracking worldwide infections and deaths from the Johns Hopkins University global outbreak tracker and updating it daily here. any time we look at it, because it updates all the time. Seriously click this link - it's already different than the most recent update people.

March 18th: 215,947 infections, 8,749 deaths
March 19th, 11:00am EST: 227,310 infections, 9,311 deaths
March 19th, 3:30pm EST: 236,420 infections, 9,790 deaths
March 20th, 11:00am EST: 247,400 infections, 10,067 deaths
March 20th, 6:30pm EST: 260,376 infections, 11,286 deaths
March 21st, 6:30pm EST: 303,180 infections, 12,950 deaths
March 22nd, 11:00am EST: 315,992 infections, 13,592 deaths
March 22nd, 7:15pm EST: 331,273 infections, 14,450 deaths
March 24th, 11:00am EST: 395,647 infections, 17,241 deaths
March 25th, 4:00pm EST: 458,927 infections, 20,807 deaths
March 26th, 12:30pm EST: 492,603 infections, 22,184 deaths
March 26th, 7:00pm EST: 526,044 infections, 23,709 deaths
March 27th, 10:00am EST: 551,337 infections, 24,906 deaths
March 28th, 11:00am EST: 618,043 infections, 28,823 deaths
March 31st, 2:45pm EST: 826,222 infections, 40,708 deaths
April 1st, 3:00pm EST: 911,308 infections, 45,497 deaths
April 2nd, 12:30pm EST: 965,246 infections, 49,236 deaths
April 3rd, 9:00am EST: 1,033,478 infections, 54,369 deaths
April 4th, 10:30am EST: 1,139,207 infections, 60,874 deaths
April 5th, 9:30pm EST: 1,273,794 infections, 69,419 deaths
April 15th, 2:30pm EST: 2,016,020 infections, 130,528 deaths
May 4th, 8:15pm EST: 3,578,301 infections, 251,059 deaths
June 10th, 6:58am EST: Still bad. 7,257,519 infections, 411,681 deaths
June 29th, 8:27am EST: Welp - 10,168,157 infections, 502,387 deaths

Great COVID-19 Articles/Interviews

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now

This dude Tomas Pueyo wrote this awesome, massively long article about where this outbreak could be headed if we don’t act now. Read it here.

We don’t know Tomas. Tomas seems really fucking smart though. Be like Tomas and give a shit about your fellow human.

Case Fatality Rate

A lot of misinformation about this thing being “just like the flu” - stop it. It’s really not. We don’t know what causes it, we don’t have a vaccine, and the statistics on it shouldn’t be treated as if they are final. Read more here. H/T to Bryan Pellegrino for putting it together. (We also don’t fucking know this dude, but he too seems pretty fucking smart).

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Pardon My Take

This old, short Italian dude is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. His whole life has prepared him to give advice on how to be ready for crazy fucking times like these. It's so bad, he went out of his way to get on one of Barstool's podcasts, Pardon My Take to try and talk about this fucking thing. If you haven't been paying attention, check this out:


  • Bankroll allocation: 100% of your liferoll should be spent trying to stay alive.
  • Low-risk lineup strategy: Follow CDC guidelines on protecting yourself to prevent the spread of infection. Practice social distancing. Wash your fucking hands. Don’t touch your fucking face.
  • Low-risk contest selection: The best ROIs will likely be found in staying the fuck inside, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing. There is no vaccine to prevent infection. We don’t actually know for sure how it spreads, but think it’s person to person. Maintain a distance of six fucking feet from people on the god forsaken occasion you actually go the fuck outside. 
  • High-risk lineup strategy: Lick railings, let people you’ve never met spit in your mouths, go outside if you’re sick and the fuck is wrong with you? Stay the fuck healthy. There is no high-risk strategy. Refer to the low-risk strategy.
  • Salary allocation: You have one life to live - you’re all in. 
  • Weather: It’s spring now. That's pretty cool, right? Yup. Does it matter? Nope. Follow CDC guidelines.

COVID-19 TOP Plays

Begin an exercise routine. Read books. Practice mindfulness. Indulge in your hobbies a bit more. Are you still working from home? Practice good work ethic - treat working hours as working hours. Are you working with sick people? Thank you! Working for your community to help fight the outbreak? Thank you!

We all know it seems inconvenient to stay inside, take this seriously, and wait it out. But by doing so, we’ll get back to having actual DFS Plugs to give you someday soon. So do your part.