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How to Build Winning Lineups for Daily Fantasy E-Sports: CSGO and LOL Advice

Daily Fantasy ESports AdviceWhen major sports were shutdown during the spring and summer of 2020, daily fantasy e-sports popularity skyrocketed as the only game in town on DFS sites. We knew there was an edge to be found, so we researched winning approaches and uncovered the best lineup strategies to be profitable in daily fantasy e-sports contests.

Our co-founder won more than $100,000 in League of Legends DFS tournaments in 2020, and our two newly hired e-sports combined for more than $25,000 in LOL and CSGO DFS tournament wins last year.

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2021 Daily Fantasy E-Sports Advice & Content Schedule:

Strategy Guides (FREE):

  • We've already done the research for the best lineup construction, player pick decisions, and contest selections for each daily fantasy e-sport. So we compiled everything we know about CSGO DFS and LOL DFS and put them in free strategy guides for you to digest. Whether you're an e-sports DFS expert or just getting started, you'll be sure to learn something in these guides:

Daily Plug (Membership Required):

  • The Daily Plug is a write-up of our top plays, lineup advice, contest strategies, and more in-depth actionable information for League of Legends and CSGO DFS on DraftKings and FanDuel. Written by our e-sports experts, a quick read of the Daily Plug will get you ready to create lineups for specific slates:
    • CSGO Daily Plug -- written for slates with 3+ games in major tournaments
    • LOL Daily Plug -- written for slates with 3+ games for LPL/LCK contests and other high-profile events

Lineup Builder (Membership Required): 

  • In 2019, we released our Occupy Fantasy Lineup Builder powered by dfs Magic — the smartest and most affordable lineup builder on the market.
  • Single lineup builder: Looking to create just a couple of lineups? Use Single Builder Mode in the Lineup Builder to create optimal lineups using the winning criteria developed through our e-sports team's research.
  • Multi lineup builder: Want to mass-enter e-sports DFS tournaments? You can build up to 150 lineups using the Multi Lineup mode, complete with player exposure targets, intricate stack settings, and CPT/MVP custom rules.

NOTE: The Lineup Builder is expected to be ready in February for CSGO and LOL. 

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Daily Fantasy E-Sports Live Streams (FREE):

  • Throughout the year, our e-sports team will stream live on Twitch to break down slates and answer your FanDuel & DraftKings e-sports DFS lineup questions.
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