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Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Advice

daily fantasy basketball adviceNBA DFS is one of the most popular sports for users playing on FanDuel & DraftKings, and for good reason -- it's easy to create lineups, it's fun to watch, and the scoring is nonstop. But if you're looking to be profitable, it's incredibly difficult to find actionable daily fantasy basketball advice. With the late-breaking injury news and inevitable last-minute scratches, how can you reasonably re-work your lineups with this new information and only a couple minutes before lock?

That's where we step in. Occupy Fantasy is focused on bankroll management and contest selection to help DFS players become profitable.

But especially for NBA, we've modified our keystone product -- Occupy Model -- to provide daily fantasy basketball advice that is actionable right up until the last game tips off. We'll do all of this while also giving you steps to choose the right contests and properly manage your money, showing you the best way to grow your bankroll.

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How do we do that? It all starts with our free daily fantasy basketball strategy guide that focuses on the fundamentals:

Daily Fantasy Basketball Strategy Guide

We've created a free NBA DFS strategy guide to provide high level daily fantasy basketball advice, no matter which types of contests you're playing.

Topics include:

  • The daily process for NBA DFS
  • NBA DFS terminology
  • Site-specific rules
  • Contest selection tips
  • Low-risk lineup advice
  • High-risk strategy
  • Mass multi-entry guidelines
  • Lineup Builder rules
  • Single game / Showdown angles

Use this strategy guide in conjunction with our Ultimate Guide to get a full understanding of how to deploy your NBA DFS knowledge in a way that will help grow your bankroll. After that, you're ready for our daily fantasy basketball advice. This starts with our NBA videos and live streams:

Videos and Live Streams: Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice That's Catered to You

If you've been a part of Occupy Fantasy in the past, you'll remember our NBA Daily Plug.

Well, we've retired the NBA Plug for the 2022 season and beyond, instead focusing on videos and live streams that can provide more actionable advice for you to help build NBA DFS lineups.

Each day, our analysts will go live with a slate preview video on YouTube, highlighting the high level information you need to know for that night's games while also taking viewer questions.

Then, in the hour before the main slate locks, one of our analysts will hop in our Discord server and conduct *another* live Q&A session while breaking down the slate. Get in-depth game breakdowns, ownership discussions, and live breaking news analysis -- all while getting your questions answered.

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The Occupy Model: Real-Time, Sortable Research

The MLB Occupy Model, daily fantasy hockey adviceOur NBA Occupy Model provides real-time updates and sortable key performance indicators for every player on the slate, giving you an in-depth look at the top plays.

Live lineup changes, betting odds movements, projections, and more are updated as they happen. As a result, all of your research for a slate is presented in one digestible dashboard.

We’ve spent countless hours developing this analytical model that predicts fantasy output based on a variety of key performance indicators. Points per minute, pace, betting odds, on/off court adjustments, and matchups are all incorporated. With our Premium subscription, you’ll be able to view the engine that drives Occupy Fantasy.

The NBA Occupy Model will provide rankings for classic, single game, and tiers slates. We will always have projected ownership for every classic slate, updating every 5 minutes throughout the day and night.

With a 7 p.m. EST lock time on most nights, it is nearly impossible to research every day and make profitable lineups.

Our Occupy Model, along with our videos and live Q&As, help you make informed lineup decisions in 30 minutes or less.

New for NBA: Our Occupy Model will update every minute in the last hour before lock, checking for inactives, and adjusting minutes/projections all the way up until the slate locks. Our daily fantasy basketball advice works around the clock for you. 

The Occupy Fantasy Lineup Builder

Partnered with dfs Magic, our Lineup Builder allows you to use our Occupy Model values to create up to 300 NBA DFS lineups automatically OR up to 20 lineups by hand using optimal lineup criteria. Learn more here.