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What the hell is Discord?

Our Discord channels

We have sport-specific channels where you can discuss DFS strategy even for sports that Occupy Fantasy doesn't cover!

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • CFB
  • CBB
  • PGA
  • MMA
  • Soccer
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  • Tennis
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Step 3: Connect your Twitch account to your Discord account using the User Settings > Connections tab on Discord. NOTE: This step must be performed on a computer, as the Twitch mobile app cannot recognize the connection. Once connected, however, you will be able to access our server on the mobile app. 

Step 4: Once your accounts are connected, our server will appear right on the Discord Connections tab! NOTE: It can take up to one hour for Discord to recognize your Twitch subscription. If you don't see the connection after an hour, disconnect then reconnect your accounts. If that still doesn't work or you're too impatient to wait the full hour, send us a message. 

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