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In February, I took down the DraftKings Super Bowl GPP for an incredible $1 million payout. While there was certainly some luck involved in beating out 350,000+ other lineups, I had been planning and preparing for this tournament for nearly a month before the big game.

You see, there’s a strategy that literally no one in the DFS industry is discussing, yet it allowed me to earn numerous entries into this contest for a FRACTION of what the actual value of each entry was.

Because of the life-changing potential of this tournament, I knew I wanted as many entries as possible to give myself a chance at a seven-figure score. So using this overlooked strategy,  I was able to earn 90 entries into this historical contest.

And yet, even after discussing my strategy on multiple radio shows and podcasts, people STILL are not talking about this strategy.

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The Ultimate Guide is broken down into three sections — Bankroll Management, Contest Selection, and Bigger Picture Strategy — and provides guidelines and examples for becoming a successful DFS player. The information in this Guide can’t be found anywhere in the DFS industry — I dove deep to explain the foundational pieces that are missing from every losing DFS player’s toolbox.