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What is Occupy Fantasy?

Occupy Fantasy focuses on bankroll management and contest selection to help DFS players become profitable. Our Ultimate Guide is a foundational resource for all players, while our Daily Plug and Occupy Model provide actionable information for each slate.

Why should I subscribe?

Bankroll management and contest selection, as well as bigger picture strategy, are completely missing in today’s DFS industry, and this lack of information is a primary reason that more than 80 percent of DFS players are not winning players. We provide content that is personalized to your bankroll and strategy -- you can’t find this anywhere else.

What is the Daily Plug?

The Daily Plug is a weekly (for NFL) and daily (for MLB, NBA, and NHL) writeup that highlights the top plays from our Occupy Model. The Plug then provides actionable information for each slate by making specific recommendations on how much of your bankroll to allocate and exactly what types of contests to play -- all depending on the type of player you are. Consider the Plug an in-depth road map for each slate.

What is the Occupy Model?

Our Occupy Model provides real-time updates and sortable key performance indicators for every player on the slate, giving you an in-depth look at the top plays. Live lineup changes, betting odds movements, projections, and more are updated as they happen. As a result, all of your research for a slate is presented in one digestible dashboard.

What is the Ultimate Guide?

The Ultimate Guide is broken down into three sections -- Bankroll Management, Contest Selection, and Bigger Picture Strategy -- and provides guidelines and examples for becoming a successful DFS player. The information in this Guide can’t be found anywhere in the DFS industry -- we dove deep to explain the foundational pieces that are missing from every losing DFS player’s toolbox.

Who is on Occupy Fantasy’s team?

Brian Jester, Co-Founder: @BrianJesterFF
Walid Makbul, Co-Founder: @pc_leed
Moose Jester, Chief Data Officer: @CFB_Moose

Garrett Strominger, NBA Writer: @gstroms99
Tommy Boyle, NBA Writer: @tboyle24_DFS

Chris Rooney, MLB Writer: @cdr02989
Tyler Crook, MLB Writer: @TylerC_2

Lucas Jensen, Preseason Writer: @LucasJensenDFS

If you’re so good at DFS, why do you have to sell content to make money?

Fair question. Our reason for providing content is two-fold:
1. We’ve said it earlier: more than 80 percent of DFS players are losing players. If this trend continues -- and it will if more players don’t understand the importance of bankroll management and contest selection -- then DFS, as an industry, will fail. Eventually, losing players will lose interest and there will be no new players to acquire. It’s a dark future for DFS if more players don’t start winning.
2. We love DFS, and we love playing it everyday. It’s exhilarating when you win contests. But nothing has been quite as exciting as helping other players and watching them become profitable. This is a life lesson, as well. As you make more money, you will never be content -- you’ll always want more money. The key to satisfaction is giving back, and we’ve discovered that with Occupy Fantasy.

Okay, I love it! Where do I sign up?