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league of legends dfs picks lineup advice draftkingsLeague of Legends DFS Picks & DraftKings + FanDuel Lineup Advice: January 22 LPL+LCK

** This is an example League of Legends Daily Plug from the January 22nd slate. To read the most current version, click here. **

The LOL Daily Plug is our daily LOL DFS DraftKings + FanDuel write-up that highlights the top plays & lineup strategies for each slate.

**Note: The LOL Daily Plug is ONLY written for LPL and/or LCK slates with 3+ games. There will not be a Plug for smaller slates or other leagues.** 

We’ll start by looking at betting odds and starting lineups, then the Plug will provide actionable information by making specific recommendations on LOL DFS lineup strategies for low-risk and high-risk contests. Note: Plug will be updated by 10pm EST for most slates (usually earlier).

The Plug is written by Occupy member-turned-staff swaglordken. Join our Discord channel to chat with Ken and other staff/members about your LOL DFS DraftKings & FanDuel lineups. 

LOL DFS Betting Odds:


RA -232 / BLG +187, Total Kills: 26.5
JDG -140 / EDG +115, Total Kills: 25.5
DRX -110 / LSB -110, Total Kills: 23.5
HLE -200 / KT +162, Total Kills: 23.5

Line Moves:

(1020 PM ET)
HLE KT Total was 24.5, now 23.5

Implied Kill Totals:

RA: 15.5
HLE: 14.5
JDG: 13.5
EDG: 11.5
DRX: 11.5
LSB: 10.5
KT: 10.5
BLG: 10.5

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Starting Lineups:


RA: Cube, Leyan, FoFo, iBoy, Hang
BLG: Biubiu, Meteor, Zeka, Aiming, Mark

JDG: Zoom, Kanavi, Yagao, LokeN, LvMao
EDG: Flandre, Jiejie, Scout, Viper, Meiko

*Projected, starting lineups are NOT announced before lock
Names in RED indicate potential scratches or mid-series substitutions that should only be played in high-risk contests ONLY. BLUE = UPDATE
UPDATE: kenzi131 on Twitter attempts to post LCK starting lineups before each game, but with no late swap, we usually won't have official lineups for the second LCK game. 

DRX: Kingen, Pyosik, SOLKA, BAO, Becca
LSB: Summit, Croco, FATE, Leo, Effort

HLE: Morgan, Arthur, Chovy, Deft, Vsta
KT: Doran, Blank, Ucal, HyBriD, Zzus

LSB surprised everyone and started Leo last game. They looked really good with him winning 2-0. I think they stick with Leo, but would not be at all surprised if LSB goes back to Route. We WILL know this lineup (around 2 AM ET) before lock and I recommend staying up for it if you are playing LSB.

HLE also surprised everyone and started DuDu over Morgan last game. However, that series went three games and they swapped back to Morgan in the third game. I think they start Morgan but a play I would only consider if you are making more than three lineups. We WILL NOT know this lineup before lock.

HLE has a sub for Arthur in yoHan. Honestly, I am only highlighting red because there is a non-zero chance that play yoHan. Although, I think there is less than a 10% chance they start yoHan over Arthur. I would play Arthur with confidence.

KT has started Blank in one match and won. They started Bonnie in the other and lost. I am confident they roll with Blank, just know there is a minor sub risk they put in Bonnie. Since we WILL NOT know this lineup before lock and we have seen Bonnie before, I would proceed with caution and would not play KT'S JGL if you are only playing one lineup.

(140 AM ET)
DuDu is starting for HLE!

General LOL DFS DraftKings & FanDuel Tips:

We've already written an extensive strategy guide for LOL DFS on DraftKings and FanDuel. Check it out here if you need a refresher or haven't played much LOL DFS.

Ownership Tiers:

Here's who we expect to be the most popular teams on tonight's slate:

  • It's best to think about stacks in terms of ownership tiers. Tonight should look like this:
    • Highest-owned: RA, JDG
    • Mid-owned: HLE, EDG, BLG
    • Low-owned: DRX, LSB, KT

LOL DFS Bankroll Recommendation

Bankroll allocation: Use 2-3% of your bankroll.

I believe that LOL should mainly be played high-risk. Tonight is a good high-risk night.

Low-Risk Lineups

Low-risk lineup strategy for tonight: Tonight is a difficult low-risk night because there aren't any super large favorites. However, my preferred low-risk stack is a 4-3 RA HLE using a JG CPT.

Low-risk contest selection: The best ROIs will likely be found in single entry 50/50s and H2Hs, so look there first. Try to find H2Hs and small field double ups with inexperienced entrants.

High-Risk Lineups

We have updated our LOL DFS strategy guide for 2021. Refer to our guide linked above for high-risk roster constructions to utilize with the below advice.

The best high-risk approach for tonight is as follows:

    • Tonight is an excellent high-risk night. As always, you should try to limit your options and stick to 4-6 teams if you're making 3+ lineups. It is challenging to cut teams tonight. This will be the riskiest cut I have made so far but I will be cutting RA. The field has gotten sharper and there are many entrants using projections. RA should have the highest projection due to its kill total and moneyline. However, I think there is an edge now in fading kill totals. LOL kill totals are relatively soft markets and the field is overvaluing them. My second cut is KT. I am cutting them because they are a decent underdog with a minor sub risk and I think there are better options on the board today. Cutting RA is a super high-risk strategy where I will still be comfortable even if it blows up in my face. Consider your risk tolerance and practice proper bankroll allocation. You can certainly use other strategies and cut other teams, just be sure to create a reasonably-sized player pool.
    • My favorite leverage stack tonight is HLE. They are a decent-sized favorite that will surely go overlooked tonight. Much of the ownership will gravitate towards RA, JDG and EDG because of their kill-totals. Remember that kill totals are a median value and are not as sharp as an indicator as the field thinks. The field is also overvaluing LPL teams and there is a bias against LCK. I will gladly roll with HLE as a decent-sized favorite that will be way under-owned. HLE's TOP situation is one of the more difficult ones to analyze. They had been regularly playing Morgan until they started DuDu last series. However, Morgan did get subbed back in after HLE had lost game two of that series with DuDu. I would say avoid if you can and play Morgan if you had to. Just be aware that there is a possibility of a zero in your lineups if you do play him.
    • BLG is a decent underdog and I like them tonight. They will have decent pockets of ownership but with all eight teams in play and not being the smallest LPL underdog tonight, they won't be inflated massively. As we've seen, LPL underdogs win all the time and BLG is definitely live tonight. I think BLG is a great stack piece with ANY LCK team tonight.
    • DRX-LSB will have the lowest combined ownership out of all 4 games tonight. They are currently priced at coinflip odds and the field will look elsewhere with their stacks. If you feel strongly one way or the other about DRX or LSB, there will massive leverage in stacking them. Tonight is an even better night to do so because there aren't any large favorites that stick out. If DRX or LSB can win cleanly, there's a good chance they'll be in winning lineups AND there won't be many to compete with. LSB's ADC situation is an interesting one, I would recommend staying up (2 AM ET) before lock for the confirmed lineup. On FanDuel, there is a major difference in pricing between Route and Leo. If LSB starts Leo, take full advantage because I believe he will be sub 5%.
    • The field is always changing and we have to be quick and adapt. LCK teams are hated by the field and go massively under-owned. We want to take full advantage. Remember that HLE is NOT more likely to be in optimal lineups than RA or even JDG. However, if they are in the winning lineups, it is more likely we have a much larger payoff.
    • LOL DFS is all about identifying leverage spots. Consult our LOL DFS strategy guide for how to make good and unique lineups. Remember to mix and match teams. Use high-owned with low-owned teams, use two mid-owned teams. Find out what works for you. Don't be afraid to take risks in LOL DFS, we have seen them pay off massively.
    • Along with LOL DFS content, there is also lots of other content that Occupy offers. Keep an eye out for our CS:GO content that just started and be sure to check out our other sports if you don't already.

High-risk contest selection: Stick to 10x Boosters and Single Entry/3-Max tournaments -- especially later posting ones with less than 500 entrants -- unless you plan on making 20+ lineups.

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