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league of legends dfs picks lineup advice draftkingsLeague of Legends DFS Picks & DraftKings Lineup Advice: March 30 LCS/LPL

The Daily Plug is a write-up of our top plays, lineup advice, contest strategies, and more for League of Legends DFS on DraftKings. For further questions, please join our Discord channel by becoming a Twitch subscriber.

This article is not intended to go in-depth on the intricacies of League of Legends, nor is it going to discuss detailed player news. Instead, it's meant to be a high-level road map for the DraftKings slate.

Note: We will provide a Daily Plug for the LPL each day there is a slate. However, we will only provide an LEC/LCS Daily Plug for select slates. 

9:30pm ET: LPL strategy updates in BLUE.


DIG -156 / IMT +128, 22.5 Kills
100 -139 / FLY +115, 23.5 Kills

EDG -345 / LGD +268, UNDER 2.5 MATCHES -153
iG -411 / OMG +312, UNDER 2.5 MATCHES -174

General League of Legends DFS Tips

  • In every lineup, stack 4 players from one squad, 3 from another creating a 4-3 lineup because of the massive amount of correlation between teammates.
  • There are exceptions for smaller slates -- which we'll list here when applicable -- but it's the optimal approach on a 5- or 6-game slate. ON TODAY'S TWO GAME SLATES, READ THE HIGH-RISK LINEUP ADVICE BELOW FOR OPTIMAL BUILDING RULES. 
  • NOTE: If playing LoL on FanDuel, it requires you to use THREE teams -- 3-3-1, 4-2-1, OR 3-2-2 is the optimal approach there.
  • NEVER stack teams playing in the same game (example: don't stack 4 guys from EG and 3 guys from IMT tonight)
  • Do not use the same TEAM as your CPT (e.g. if you CPT someone from EG do not use EG as your TEAM roster spot).
  • Do not CPT a SUP or TEAM as these positions historically do not score enough fantasy points to be worth the 1.5x multiplier. The only exception? CPTing SUPs on large favorites when you're also stacking another large favorite.

Those are the basic lineup rules -- adhere to those and you'll be ahead of the field.

Starting Lineups

*Projected, starting lineups are NOT announced before lock. Italicized players represent uncertainty, but all clues point to them starting. 

IMT: sOAZ, Xmithie, Eika, Apollo, Hakuho
DIG: Huni, Akaadian, Froggen, Johnsun, aphromoo

FLY: v1per, Santorin, PowerOfEvil, WildTurtle, IgNar
100: Ssumday, Meteos, Ryoma, Cody Sun, Stunt


LGD: Fenfen, Peanut, Yuuki, Kramer, Killua
EDG: Aodi, JunJia, Scout, Hope, Meiko

OMG: Curse, H4cker, icon, Smlz, cold
iG: TheShy, Leyan, Rookie, Puff, Southwind

NOTE: Fenfen is listed as MID on DK. Due to him playing a lower scoring TOP position in the game tonight, you should exclude him from your player pool. 


  • Bankroll allocation: Use 0-1% of your bankroll on each slate.
  • Low-risk lineup strategy: 4-3 stack the two favorites, DIG and 100. Unlike most favorite-favorite stacks, you can actually fit in a JNG, MID, or ADC as your CPT in this lineup. Be cautious, however, as this lineup will be heavily duplicated by users who know what they're doing, so exclusively look to find low-risk contests with inexperienced players. LPL: Similar to today's slate, you are able to 4-3 stack both favorites (EDG and iG) relatively easy in a low-risk lineup. 
  • Low-risk contest selection (if you must): The best ROIs will likely be found in single entry 50/50s and H2Hs, so look there first. Try to find H2Hs and small field double ups with inexperienced entrants, as there could be plenty with no other daily fantasy sports to play.
  • High-risk lineup strategy:
    • Leave salary on the table, especially if using a popular CPT or stacking popular teams -- think NFL Showdown.
    • Through our lineup research, we've discovered a couple roster constructions that will automatically be duplicated by 30+ users in large-field high-risk contests:
      • 4-3 stacking the biggest favorites on the slate -- the only way to avoid this is to CPT a SUP from either large favorite, as this will significantly reduce the number of duplicated lineups. If you do CPT a SUP, be sure to pair him with his ADC.
      • 4-3 stacking a large favorite and ANY other team on the slate where your CPT is part of the large favorite 4-man stack (the alternative is using the CPT from the "3" part of your stack).
    • Avoid those roster constructions (minus the exceptions) if at all possible in high-risk. If you want to stack large favorites and use one of their players as a CPT, it's best to use a 4-2-1 or 3-2-2 stack.
    • The best high-risk approach today is as follows: Want to differentiate yourself in high-risk contests and have a chance at winning a top prize without tying with 100 people? It's the rare time where you should stack the SAME game in LoL, using a 4-2-1 stack where the "4" and the "2" are from the same game. You can also throw out the "don't use a CPT on the same team as your TEAM" rule here, too (it's modified in this strategy to "don't use a TEAM on the same team as your "2"). In previous 2-game slates, this lineup construction was only used by 7% of entrants. It requires one game to be much bloodier than the other, but that's not out of the question in a best of 1 series. If we had to choose, our preference is the FLY/100 game in LCS. LPL: Because of the "best of 3" series aspect of LPL, we can't 4-2 stack from the same game in our high-risk lineups and have a reasonable expectation of winning. We can, however, 4-1 stack (from the same game, 4 from one side, 1 from the other) with 2 from the other game (e.g. 4 from iG, 1 from OMG, 2 from EDG). It's a high-risk approach, but it's the only way to avoid tying with tons of people in any league, GPP, or satellite (any 4-3 stack will be heavily duplicated). Consider this -- over the last couple of LPL 2-game slates, 56% of lineups were 4-3 stacks while just 6% (!) were 4-1-2 stacks -- it's our best high-risk leverage opportunity. Most rules still apply here with a few changes: don't use the same TEAM as the team of your CPT, your "1" opponent should not be a TEAM or a SUP, and be sure to use the CPT as part of your 4-man stack. The preferred game for your 4-1 is OMG-iG, as they have a higher kill total and closer kill spread (although doing this in either or both games is viable). In order to be successful, we'll likely need one matchup to be won 2-0 and our 4-1 stack to go 3 games. 
    • ADCs and MIDs have the highest upside, so lean towards those positions as your CPTs if stacking underdogs.
  • High-risk contest selection:
    • For the first time maybe ever, avoid satellites for the uncertainty of future slates being postponed.
    • Stick to 10x boosters, Single Entry, and 3-Max tournaments unless you plan on making 20+ lineups. Fortunately, it is easy to create tons of lineups quickly by hand, especially using the above guidelines.
  • UPDATES will be posted in BLUE.