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Did you know that 90 PERCENT of FanDuel & DraftKings users lost money last year?

Our co-founder, Brian Jester, wasn’t one of them. 

He won $1 million in the biggest single game contest in DraftKings history during the Patriots-Rams Super Bowl.

And he used our tools at Occupy Fantasy to help him do it. 


If you’re part of the 90%, don’t worry, we’ve been there. You do your research, you win some nights, you lose some nights, you win some nights, you lose some nights, and the cycle continues until the losses add up more than the winnings, and you’re forced to hit that DEPOSIT button to put more money in your accounts.


To make it worse, you see the same names at the top of all of your contests. You see screenshots all over Twitter. You think, “Am I the ONLY person losing?”


You’re not. You and tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people are losing on FanDuel & DraftKings each month.


The reality is — NO ONE has taught you the right way to play. You need to completely reshape the way you think about daily fantasy sports. And that’s where Occupy Fantasy comes in. We’ll give you an entirely new mindset, and you’ll have more FUN than ever before playing DFS.


Here’s how we do it, with our 3 cornerstones:


Ultimate Guide — Our 19-chapter e-book that focuses on 3 categories that are completely overlooked by a majority of players: Bankroll management, Contest Selection, and Bigger Picture strategy. Learn the right types of contests to play, how to avoid professional DFS players, and how to set goals that not only benefit your lineups tonight, but in the future as well.

Brian used our patented Satellite Strategy outlined in the Ultimate Guide to earn tons of entries — for a fraction of the cost — into the Super Bowl contest that he took down for $1 million.


Our Occupy Models — our real-time, sortable player research dashboards for each sport. We’ve done the back-testing, and we’ve boiled down more than 150 metrics to give you each player ranked for every slate. As betting odds change, starting lineups are announced, and injury news is reported, our models update within seconds to keep you informed.


Our Daily Plug — our daily and weekly write-up that provides a roadmap to each sports’ main slate highlighting the top plays from the Occupy Model and a detailed gameplan. We’ll tell you how much of your bankroll to risk and the optimal contests to play, ALL depending on the type of player you are.


So, are you ready to change the way you play DFS? Are you ready to join the 10 percent of winning players? Most importantly — are you ready to steadily increase your bankroll, all while giving yourself multiple chances each month at life changing paydays?


Then it’s time to join the Occupy Fantasy community.  What are you waiting for?

Read our 19-chapter DFS e-book:

Get access to our tools: