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NFL Occupy Model live by Wednesdays for every Classic & Showdown slate
NFL Daily Plug: Main Slate posted by Friday evening for every Sunday main slate
NFL Daily Plug: Thursday Showdown posted 3 hours before lock for every Thursday single game slate
NFL Daily Plug: Sunday Night Showdown posted 3 hours before lock for every Sunday night primetime single game slate
NFL Daily Plug: Monday Night Showdown posted 3 hours before lock for every Monday single game slate

NFL DFS Strategy Guide
NFL Showdown Guide 


NBA Occupy Model live every morning by 10am EST
NBA Injury Report live every morning by 10am EST
NBA Morning Slate Preview Videos posted every day by noon EST on YouTube
Pre-Lock Live Q&A Streams every slate 30 minutes before lock in our Discord voice channel

NBA DFS Strategy Guide

There will NOT be an NBA Daily Plug for the 2022 season. Details here and here


The PGA Occupy Model live by Tuesday evenings for main slates, 8-10 hours before Showdown slates
The PGA Daily Plug posted by Wednesday morning for every PGA main slate
Slate Preview videos posted every Wednesday afternoon on YouTube


NHL Occupy Model live every morning by 10am EST
NHL DFS Strategy Guide

Reminder that there is no NHL DFS Daily Plug, just the Model, Builder, and Strategy Guide. 


CFB Daily Plug posted every Saturday 2 hours before lock for DraftKings MAIN slates


MMA Occupy Model updated 24 hours before slate locks
MMA Daily Plug published the night before each slate


There will NOT be LOL or CSGO content in 2023.

Our strategy guides are evergreen, however:
LOL DFS Strategy Guide
CSGO DFS Strategy Guide