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How to Build Winning Lineups for NFL Daily Fantasy Football

nfl dfs adviceAre you ready to be profitable this fall? Hundreds of thousands of people flock to FanDuel & DraftKings with the hopes of hitting it big, but for a vast majority of them, the dream dies early.

NFL DFS advice is universally misguided, but we're here to change that -- our focus on bankroll management and contest selection will help you see DFS in an entirely new light.

Here's how you can change the way you play in 2018:

2018 NFL DFS Advice & Content Schedule:


  • NFL Occupy Model goes live for the week (requires a Premium membership) -- our real-time, sortable player dashboard displays key performance indicators for every player on the slate, giving you an in-depth look at the top plays. Live lineup changes, betting odds movements, projections, and more are updated as they happen.
  • Thursday Single Game Slate Breakdown goes live (requires a Standard membership) -- a detailed write-up outlining strategies to profitable (in both DFS and sports betting) for the Thursday night NFL game.
  • Weekly Occupy Fantasy Podcast episode is released (FREE) -- a podcast with wide-ranging topics on the week's NFL games.


  • NFL Daily Plug is published (requires a Standard membership) -- the NFL Daily Plug is a weekly write-up that highlights the top plays for the Sunday main slate from our Occupy Model. The Plug then provides actionable information by making specific recommendations on how much of your bankroll to allocate and exactly what types of contests to play -- all depending on the type of player you are. Consider the Daily Plug an in-depth road map for the main slate.


  • NFL Betting Plug is published (requires a Standard membership) -- the NFL Betting Plug breaks down the NFL slate from a Vegas perspective. Where is the sharp money? Which lines are moving? What are the best bets for sides, totals, and props?


  • Live Periscope on Twitter to answer your questions (FREE) -- join our co-founder Brian Jester for a Q&A session to get your pressing NFL questions answered as the early game inactives begin to roll in.


  • Monday Single Game Slate Breakdown goes live (requires a Standard membership) -- just like the Thursday version, it's a full write-up for the Monday night matchup.

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