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What is the Occupy Fantasy Referral Program?

The Occupy Fantasy Referral Program allows you to receive a commission for referring people to sign up for OccupyFantasy.com e-books and memberships through your unique referral link.

How much commission do I receive for a new sign up?

You will receive 30 percent of each initial sale or membership sign up. You will not receive any commission on subsequent recurring membership payments. For example: If you refer someone who signs up for our $7 per week membership, you will receive 30% of their initial $7 payment ($2.10), but you will not receive any commission for any payments beyond their first week.

When and how do I get paid?

We pay out on the first Monday of every month by PayPal. More payment methods will be added in the future.

How do I register to be a referral partner?

Right here. The link can also be found under the "Sign Up" menu in our main site menu.

How do I receive my referral URL?

Once you're approved, you can return to the Referral Area and obtain your referral URLs. In the Affiliate URLs section of the Referral Area, you will see your Affiliate ID and generic referral URL. In order to create a custom URL, enter the page on our site that you want to promote and click Generate URL. You can then copy your custom referral link that is generated.

Are there any stipulations?

Please read the full Referral Terms and Conditions.