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Ways to Bet “The Match” & Favorite Wagers

by Moose Jester

What is The Match?

The Match: Champions for Charity kicks off today with Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson golfing against Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods. There are still no major sports (unless you’re in Korea), so let’s dive in and break this down from a betting perspective. 

This article from the PGA Tour’s website outlines how it’ll all work, but if you’re lazy here’s a tl;dr:

    • Holes 1 through 9 will be the Four-Ball format
    • Holes 10-18 will be the Modified Alternate Shot format

Okay, cool. So how do we bet it?

All the odds listed in this article are from SugarHouse in New Jersey and BetRivers in Indiana. Click our link and use promo code 250MATCH to get a 100% bonus up to $250 if you live in either of those states.

Some of the more popular wager types are listed below -- there are a lot more options at SugarHouse, so be sure to check out all the different bet types. 

Match winner
This is like a normal golf head-to-head matchup. As of writing, SugarHouse has Tiger/Manning at -200 and Mickelson/Brady at +175.

Leader after X holes
This is similar to the match winner but only after a certain number of holes. You can bet it with or without ties. Odds below are for the leader after 3 holes. 

Our recommendation would be to bet without ties. If there is a tie on these wagers, you will get your risk amount back, losing nothing.

X Hole Winner
These props are who will win a certain hole.  Similar to the Leader after X holes, you have the option to bet with or without a tie.

Other various bets
As stated earlier, there are a ton more types of bets being offered on this match such as “will there be a hole in one,” “total number of rounds,” and many more. Go check them out!

Betting Strategies

Tell a story
Just like we always say in DFS, make sure your bets tell a story. Don’t bet Mickelson/Brady as the match winner, but then Woods/Manning to lead after every hole. It doesn’t make sense.

Line shop!
In an event where the outcomes are difficult to predict, we should see huge ranges of betting odds across different sportsbooks. You can earn tons of value just by making sure you have the best line for each wager you make. 

Don’t double down on the same outcome
Just like telling a story and just like we say in our annual Super Bowl Props Guide, if you’re making small wagers don’t double down on what is essentially the same outcome. 

An example of this would be betting The Match will end before 18th hole and betting there will not be a playoff. It’s essentially the same outcome for both wagers. If you really do like both, pick one and risk a bit more on it.

Don’t overexposure yourself
Seriously, it’s a charity golf match. Don’t go overboard and bet 50% of your bankroll. Have some fun with it. 

Have some fun
Yeah, I know we all want to win money, but we’re still able to have some fun. Bet $1 that there is a hole in one at 50/1 at SugarHouse (some sportsbooks have this listed at 20/1), and then sweat it out on the Occupy Fantasy Discord (available to Twitch subscribers).

My Favorite Plays

Speaking of 50/1...

Will there be a Hole in 1? Yes 50/1
Woods/Manning to lead after 9 holes -162
Will there be a playoff? Yes 4/1