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Our goal is to help DFS players become profitable by focusing on bankroll management and contest selection. These two areas, as well as bigger picture strategy, are completely missing in today’s DFS industry, and this lack of information is the primary reason that more than 80 percent of DFS users are not winning players.

Bankroll management just for you
The most difficult part of DFS is managing your bankroll and choosing which contests to play. Our Daily Plug recommends how much of your bankroll to allocate and gives optimal contests to enter for each slate depending on your goals and bankroll size.
Sortable, real-time player model
We’ve spent countless hours developing an analytical model that predicts fantasy output based on a variety of key performance indicators. With our Premium subscription, you’ll be able to view the engine that drives Occupy Fantasy.
We cater to the average DFS player
Many DFS content sites feature professional players on their staff, but pros playing 150 lineups per slate and/or playing thousands of dollars each night can’t relate to the average DFS player. We know how to increase smaller bankrolls because we’ve done it.
Time = Money
With a 7 p.m. EST lock time for 2 of the 3 major sports, it is nearly impossible to research every night and make profitable lineups. Our Occupy Model and Daily Plug help you make informed lineup decisions in 30 minutes or less.
Many DFS sites that provide information offer little to no context when recommending which players to play. Our badges give visual context to all of our daily recommendations.
Proven results
Our co-founder won $1 million using our Occupy Model and satellite strategy outlined in our Ultimate Guide.