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Yahoo Bankroll Challenge, Week 12: A Mini-Break

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It’s been a couple of weeks since the last update, but I admittedly haven’t played a ton of Yahoo slates in March for a variety of reasons. I’ve lost a few bucks since Week 9 ended, and while my bankroll is still above the $20 mark, it’s far below the $100 goal I set for MLB Opening Day on April 1. 

Now, I could press and play every slate in an attempt to hit my arbitrary goal, but it’s still a marathon -- the ultimate goal ends December 31, not April 1. I can always adjust my long-term plan and strategy throughout the year, but I need to be aware that each new piece of information (bankroll size, tracked ROI, days left in the year, etc.) needs to be incorporated and analyzed periodically.  

Week 10 starting $ balance: $28.85
Week 12 ending $ balance: $23.85
Week 10 starting YSRP balance: 99
Week 12 ending YSRP balance: 136

Here are some of the strategies I used this week with advice on how to implement them on other DFS sites:

Strategy #1: Not playing if the environment / situation isn’t the norm

On Monday, my Internet cut out at 6:35pm EST, 25 minutes before NHL lock. It turns out you need to warn landscapers not to carelessly destroy your underground cables that keep you connected to the Internet (sick landscaper brag, I know). 

Now, my pre-lock routine was essentially erased, and while it wasn’t the sole cause, I did lose my $3 worth of NHL entries that night. To make matters worse, my Internet wouldn’t be fixed until late Wednesday afternoon. 

Now I could have gone to a different location and use my laptop, or like some of you maniacs, use my phone to create my Yahoo lineups each day until the Internet returned. But, I’m so used to my process that involves my desktop and two monitors (second sick brag in this section), that I would be lost if I tried to build lineups another way. 

Superstitions and following routines may not work in isolation, but they do impact your mentality and confidence. If I feel uncomfortable creating lineups, you better believe my results will be impacted. 

So instead of completely altering my process, I took off Tuesday and Wednesday from the Yahoo challenge (and DFS completely!) to avoid bleeding money. 

How to implement this on FanDuel or DraftKings: First step, create a process where you feel comfortable. Then follow that process as closely as possible and make sure your mindset is in the right place before building lineups.

Strategy #2: Focusing on near-term, potentially higher ROI situations

Another reason I wasn’t playing a ton over the last couple of weeks? I was insanely focused on large-field NCAA basketball bracket competitions where I felt I had a major game theory edge and a higher-than-normal chance of winning $1 million. 

Normally, we want to make decisions based on long-term implications, but sometimes the short-term is more important, especially when an opportunity arises. So instead of grinding Yahoo DFS for the challenge, a lot of my free time was spent theory-crafting optimal bracket entry strategy. 

This could be anything: a hot stock tip, whatever the latest NFT craze is, overtime at your day job, a side hustle, literally anything. If there’s an opportunity that could lead to higher ROI -- and it’s a relatively rare opportunity -- feel free to take that on briefly instead of focusing on a long-term goal. 

We can’t do this often or else our long-term plans will never be accomplished, but it’s worth being on the lookout for short-term money-making opportunities. 

How to implement this on FanDuel or DraftKings: You CAN make money in DFS if you have an airtight strategy and discipline. But, DFS is still hard, and sometimes there is an easy ROI opportunity right in front of your face. It’s okay to take a couple days or a couple weeks off from DFS to focus on that other opportunity.

Week 12’s Pivotal Moment

Probably when my fucking Internet went out. Instead of the days feeling like they were just 8 hours long, Tuesday felt like there were 96 hours between sleeps. I couldn’t wait to get back to the grind on Thursday.

Next Steps

It’s time to dig in and start building the bankroll once again. MLB starts next Thursday, and a lot of the lock times coincide with the NHL schedule. I’ll need to figure out and adjust my process to be able to optimally build lineups for both sports as this new season begins.

For any questions about the bankroll challenge, hit up Brian on Twitter. For more information on bankroll management, contest selection, and long-term DFS strategy, read our flagship e-book, The Ultimate Guide