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Yahoo Bankroll Challenge, Week 35: Yahoo NFL Single Game & Yahoo Values

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Doing a quick update today as there’s not much to discuss since last week’s mega post. However, I want to take a brief look at last night’s NFL single game contests and see if we can glean any information from the opening slate.

While Yahoo’s format is exactly the same as FanDuel’s, there is one difference: the salary ranges. As a result, somehow, the pricing is even softer on Y than FD. So here are some high level notes from last night’s game before we return to a full bankroll challenge update next week:

  • I returned $1 on $13 in entry fees. I was shocked to see that since I believed I played most of the best plays (and caught some overlay), but a glance at my contest leaderboards showed why this happened. In my 114-player leagues, 20 spots were paid out. The best lineup tied 15 times, so like FD/DK yesterday, it was a super chalky outcome. 
  • The lowest owned player in winning lineups on Y last night was Antonio Brown at 39% (jfc)
  • In the $5 triple up, only 1 person (out of 53 winning spots) earned the full $15. Second place was the exact same lineup tied 52 times. Cool, cool.
  • It’s only one slate, but last night’s single game contest confirmed what I believe will be true for the entirety of the season. Even in high-risk settings where we’re playing for ceiling outcomes, most lineups on Yahoo are going to jam in “optimal” plays that are underpriced - especially compared to other sites. Last night, any optimizer that used raw projections would likely spit out Brady, Dak, Lamb, and Cooper as the highest exposed players. In great fun, those four guys were four of the most popular players on the slate and all in the optimal lineup. 
  • By focusing on lineup constructions and upside instead of pure Yahoo value, there is MASSIVE leverage available in Yahoo GPPs/leagues since most projections/optimizers will tell people to play the Y! values heavily. While it sucked last night, this is exciting confirmation for the rest of the season. 
  • Side note, I don’t think you can see individual SUPERSTAR roster percentages (just overall ownership). However, I doubt the multiplier roster spot ownership tiers will differ much from FanDuel’s on an individual slate level. 

I’ll be back next week with a full rundown of the Week 1 classic slate and a bankroll update. 

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