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Yahoo Bankroll Challenge, Week 47: NFL Week 12

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Between the holidays and post-booster effects, it's been a couple of weeks since the last bankroll challenge update. 

In Week 10, I spiked my bankroll to a challenge-high $878.27. With 6-7 weeks left in the challenge, I needed to roughly 12X my bankroll over the rest of the season in order to complete the goal.

However, I lost in both Weeks 11 and 12, and my bankroll has now dropped to just $221.77

If this was my normal bankroll and not part of a challenge, I would have pursed proper bankroll management and continued to steadily grow my allocation each week. Instead, I took a shot in Week 11, putting nearly all $878 in play for a chance of leapfrogging a few milestones en route to the $10K mark.

Obviously, it did not work, and I lost roughly 50% of my entry fees. The same thing happened in Week 12. 

Here's where we stand after 12 NFL weeks: 

NFL Week 9 balance: $406.52
NFL Week 12 balance: $221.77
NFL Week 9 YSRP balance: 3,555
NFL Week 12 YSRP balance: 5,318

Next Steps

We have just four weeks left in the 52-week challenge, and my best bet of hitting the $10K mark involves a GPP win. Again, this is not proper bankroll management -- it's purely for completing the challenge. Knowing the game you're playing is incredibly important, and this game doesn't have any downside with just a month to go. 

I won't be able to complete the goal if I continue with my usual 3-max strategy, so I will be allocating 75% of my bankroll to the $1 150-max GPP for the next four weeks. I'll need a top-3 finish to crack the four-figure mark, at which point I can be more aggressive in smaller, high dollar contests.

Can I top-3 a GPP in four weeks? My numbers from FD and DK indicate I can accomplish this roughly every 8-9 weeks of an NFL season, so we'll need to pray that variance is on my side in December. 

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