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Yahoo Bankroll Challenge, Week 48: NFL Week 13

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Just a quick bankroll challenge update for full transparency.

I put my entire bankroll in play last week, as laid out in the "Next Steps" section of last week's update. I entered the $1 GPP with 150 entries ($150) while entering the remaining $71 with a main lineup in mostly small-field high-risk contests. 

I made a slight profit with my main lineup while returning roughly 50% of my entry fees in the GPP. 

I'll take the same approach this weekend -- one main lineup while 150-maxing the $1 $4K to 1st GPP. I still have some YSRP in my back pocket, too, that I'll unload in the last week of the season. Just 21 days left in the challenge!

Here's where we stand after 13 NFL weeks: 

NFL Week 12 balance: $221.77
NFL Week 13 balance: $179.76
NFL Week 12 YSRP balance: 5,318
NFL Week 13 YSRP balance: 5,539

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