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Yahoo Bankroll Challenge, Week 49: NFL Week 14

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It's an absolutely chaotic week in NFL, so just another brief update to the challenge.

My main slate lineup bombed and I returned $99 on $150 in the $1 150-max. Fun times.

Since I can't fully 150-max this week, my plan is to go all in on one main lineup with the remaining $99 on Sunday in varying contest sizes. Ideally, it multiplies, then I can 150-max next week. We also have the additions of non-main slate 2-gamers over the next 10 days, so those will also factor into the equation. 

Here's where we stand after 14 NFL weeks: 

NFL Week 13 balance: $179.76
NFL Week 14 balance: $99.76
NFL Week 13 YSRP balance: 5,539
NFL Week 14 YSRP balance: 5,718

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